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HR Analytics Dashboard

HR Analytics Dashboard

Every time an employee quits, it costs the company time and money to replace them. Employee turnover simply means the loss of talent in the workforce over a period of time. This can include any type of employee departure, such as resignations, layoffs, terminations, retirements, location transfers or taking a job with a new company.

Employee turnover isn’t necessary always a negative thing: it just depends on the reason for that turnover and its impact on the organization. Understanding the causes of employee turnover can help an organization makes the necessary changes to maintain their workforce at the desired level.

The objective of this case study is to investigate and identify factors contributing to employee resignation from the company. Using a no-cost solution, Google Data Studio, a dashboard has been created to provide insights for HR to improve on employee retention.

In terms of insights, interestingly what I found out that there are around 24% turnover happened and more than 99% who left were not promoted. Employees who have been 5 years with the company are also found likely to leave their current role to pursue a new career elsewhere.

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